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Please find here a step by step guide on how to buy your favourite books from

  1. Please register your self with us. Registration provide with special member benefits and is completely FREE. And it takes only a few minutes. So click here to register. If you are already registered, proceed to step no 2.  
  2. Login into your account After you have successfully registered, please Login into your account. If you are already logged in, proceed to step no 3.  
  3. Browse the books and add them to shopping cart Browse the books by clicking on the TITLES. And select and add the books you like to the shopping cart by clicking on the Add to Shopping cart link, and your book'll be added. If you are already added the books in the shopping cart, proceed to step no 4.  
  4. Review your Shopping Cart and Checkout Open the shopping cart by clicking on the Shopping Cart link and review your added books in shopping cart. You can also change the quantity of the items and or remove items from shopping cart. You can also select your payment options and deliver options here. Press UPDATE button if you have made any changes in either of them. After you have FINALLY reviewed the items, press CHECKOUT button to proceed to next step.  
  5. Provide shipping details and confirm the order Provide the shipping details and any special remarks that you may have. And then press the UPDATE button. After you have FINALLY reviewed the items, press CONFIRM button to proceed to next step.  
  6. Review order email and Proceed to Payments After you have confirmed your order, you 'll receive an email, providing you with the details of the order you have just placed. Keep this email for future references or untill you have received your books. You can now proceed to pay for your order.  
  7. Pay for your order Depending upon what payment option you have choosen, you 'll find their details here on this payment page. In case you have selected to pay by CREDIT CARD you can proceed to step No. 8. In case you have selected to pay by DD, CHEQUE you find instruction about payment on Payments page.  
  8. Pay by Credit Card In case you have selected credit card as your payment option, you 'll be taken to a Secure site of ICICI Bank, where you can enter the payment details, after which you 'll be brought back to the In order to proceed to the ICICI Bank, your browser should meet special security criteria, which are listed at the payments page. Please read them carefully before proceeding. When you are at ICICI Bank's secure site, you can choose the card from which you would like to pay. Please note we accept only Master or VISA card.  
  9. Enter Card details and return to Enter your card details and click PAY After you have successfully paid, you 'll be returned to In case there is a problem with paying, you can restart the payment process from the PAYMENTS page.
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