World Famous Mythologies

World Famous Mythologies

Author: Nemi Sharan Mittal
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122305487
Code: 5156D
Pages: 128
Price: US$ 4.00

Published: 2000
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
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World Famous Mythology is an authoritative book on myths and mythologies. From the mythological stories of
Greek and Roman gods and goddesses to Hindu mythology it covers all. Written in
a lucid and very readable style the book proves a very good companion in leisure
hours. What is more, it also adds to our wealth of information and provides a
lot of creative materials useful for critics, essayists, artists and fiction
writers. A very handy reference guide on mythology.
It is because of the great infotainment value of these book under our World-Famous Series, that they have become so popular in such a short time. The main aim and objective of publishing these books is expand the mental horizon of our readers. They provide foods for thought process and a wealth of invaluable information as a bonus. Nobody really can say the precise difference between mythology and history. This book also does not try to go into such discussions, but rather present mythological stories in interesting manner.

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