Origin Of 101 Everyday Things

Origin Of 101 Everyday Things

Author: Seema Gupta
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122309096
Code: 5114B
Pages: 101
Price: US$ 4.00

Published: 2007
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
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There are so many things scattered around us which we use everyday without giving a single thought about their origin.

Have you ever wondered where have these things come from?

Think of that pen in your hand - it has not fallen from the sky into your hand, or that television which entertains you, was not there when this earth was formed.

The eraser, pencil, shoes, chair, table and there are so many other things in our lives which are the successful outcome of research going on for centuries.

Tremendous hard work and dedication of many inventors and discoverers has gone into making these things.

They worked day and night, laboured under unfavourable conditions to bring these things in our lives.

Today we call them backward because they did not have so many electronic gadgets to help them whereas we call ourselves technologically advanced since we have all the means and machines.

But could we have all this without their efforts? The answer is simply, no.

So it is our duty to continue this tradition of inventing and discovering new things by keeping our eyes and ears open, and also by learning from the past experiences of these great men and understanding their ways of working.

This book here presents the horoscope of 101 things, which you use everyday.

And what makes our book different from other books in its contents?

The colourful display of pictures and racy narrative would interest all age groups transporting you in an era of invention and discoveries.

Items Covered Include:

*Aeroplane *Antiseptic *Aspirin

*Ballpoint pen *Buttons *Chair

*Chewing Gum *Clock *Coffee

*Ice Cream *Lottery *Matchbox

*Paper *Perfume *Ship

*Skates *Telephone *Train

*Tyepewriter *Washing machine *Zipper

About the author:

A post-graduate in Sociology, Seema Gupta is actively involved in social work.

Besides several published articles to her credit, her short stories in various magazines have won accolades for their deep understanding of human relationships.

Ms Gupta has authored books on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from the position of women in Indian society and interpersonal relationships to the general code of ethics and etiquette.

Her other books, Correct Etiquette & Manners, The Portrait of a Perfect Woman and ABC of Marriages published by Pustak Mahal have been widely acclaimed.

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