Author: Hans Decoz & Tom Monte
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122304282
Code: 2109F
Pages: 280
Price: US$ 6.00

Published: 2000
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
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Have you ever noticed how some numbers seem to follow you throughout the course of your life?

Consider the number you choose when buying a lottery ticket - birth dates, anniversaries, ages and addresses, as well as other hopefully lucky numbers.

Each number has some personal meaning.

Through the centuries, numerologists have been busy studying the significance of numbers and perfecting their art in the belief that numbers strongly influence both your behaviour and fate.

By knowing the secrets of these numbers you can gain a greater insight into yourself.

The book begins with a fascinating explanation of numerology, and offers a clear look at the philosophy that lies behind it.

This book is a good guide for beginners-- but those who have some knowledge of numerology can also find a lot many new interesting details in this book, which will help them in achieving mastery in this art to determine the numeric destiny of a person.

Some basic facts:

*Nos. 11 and 22 are master numbers,so they are not reduced - do not convert them into 2 and 4 respectively.They are added whole.

*Lifepath of No.7: You enjoy your solitude preferring to work alone...If isolation is brought to an extreme you can become cynical and suspicious...Your challenge in life is to maintain your independence without feeling isolated or ineffectual

*Lifepath of No.8: You are gifted with natural leadership and the capacity to accumulate great attract financial success more than any other lifepath...You have the character and resilence of a real survivor...You can become too self-important arrogant and hurt people you love most

*Your name is not an accident...find your expression number and discover your lifepath

*Connections between your name and date of birth * Cycles and patterns *Pinnacle cycle numbers *Karmic Debt numbers

*Importance of short names

Other important books available on this topic:

Numerology - Know your Lucky Numbers for Every Sphere of Life, Author: V. Rajsushila

Numerology for Lovers,
Author: Margaret Arnold

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