Men, As They Are!

Know them better by their sunsign
Men, As They Are!

Author: Rupa T. Nath
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122310580
Code: 9426B
Pages: 160
Price: US$ 5.00

Published: 2009
Publisher: CEDAR BOOKS
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Did you know that a man's obsession with his bike subtly shows the affection he demands from his woman?
Did you know that pink may not be a woman's favourite colour after all?
Did you know that men are not polygamous by nature?
Most importantly, did you know that each zodiac sign carries its own style of making love?
The book answers all of these and more, including how I balk at the pressure to get married only to realise that there are many more women like me who love their independence, space and regular infiltration of office workload.
It also reveals how men are not a confusing lot to understand. You just need to switch your brains on to understand prerogatives better. It unleashes the power hidden in the zodiac sign of your man to know if he is the answer to your prayers or you need to wait a little longer continuing the ritual of fasting on specific religious days for a perfect partner.

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Bohemian Adventures
The Rebel was Born
Get the Picture Straight
The Pink Formula
Dare to Dream
The Bike Formula The Ride Together
The Best Friend Factor The Bhavna Syndrome
Definition of a Man and a Woman
Why Men Cheat
Women Prefer Men with Deeper Voices
Men Can Sense Infidelity
Gifts Men Prefer
Zodiac Signs
Arshie The Arian
Siddhartha The Taurean
Asif The Geminian
Babbai The Cancerian
Col. S.V. Singh The Leo
Andrew The Virgoen
Sukhi The Libran
Sunny The Scorpion
Manish The Sagittarian
Bobby The Capricorn
Sheel The Aquarian
Ritesh The Piscean

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(Following is an extract of the content from the book)
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Men Can Sense Infidelity
The commonality that is widely approved is the fact that women are gifted with the extra sense to judge the intentions of a man. There is no such presumption as I didn't know that you felt like this for me. A woman always knows. Any woman in her normal senses tells you this statement on your offer of love; you can be assured that she must have surely guessed that it was coming on the way. You have to be adept in your heart not to reveal your true emotions every time you take her out. You can be perfect and honourable in your etiquette and mannerism, but the supposition lies in your mind. Indescribable vibrations trigger her extra sense to judge your true intentions behind the mask of respect you wear.

This sixth sense is the shield that protects most of us from the onslaught of remarks or approaches in this male dominating society. Hence, when in doubt, cut it out. The one who refuses to believe in his/her instinct is truly blind in love that shuns all criticism and deliberately does not accept the truth. Such affection is bound to bring pain to the self.

Men are also privileged to be gifted a similar attribute of smelling infidelity. More often than not those innocent looks you may give while playing upon his feelings will backfire with his candid assertiveness of the truth. You may have felt that you played safe but your true lover can sense your intimacy with another man by sheer instinct.

Your behaviour can be unpretentious and normal but somewhere at the back of his mind he may sense your unfaithfulness. While his rationality may take over his impulsive instinct, he may pass a casual remark subconsciously in jest. Do not take it as a fickle observation. It is crafted and camouflaged by a suspecting mind whose instincts have persuaded him into judge the obvious.

A man's emotion of love is superior to that of a woman. Women are emotionally weaker and men are emotionally strong. He will observe and absorb. His emotions are deep and intense. A casual informal man or an archetypal personality both share an intensity of love that cannot be described or expressed. Still water runs deep could not have found a better expression than the emotions of a man. Hence, if in your infidelity he accepts you then he is blindly in love to swallow his tears to keep up your smile. Learn and respect the emotions. It is a chance that cannot go amiss to prove the worthiness of your love.

I have a friend who had fallen in love with a college mate. She was seriously in love with him whereas he was looking just for sex. He coaxed her to comply with his wishes through emotional blackmailing. She did not wish to make love to him but felt too pressurised and agreed to his demands, no matter how unwilling her heart was. After gratifying his needs for a couple of months, he broke up. She was miserable and gradually entered the path of unrighteousness and infidelity. She could not be loyal to just one man and continued her random wayward behaviour, cunningly not letting anyone know about it.

Her immediate senior in office had genuine emotions for her in spite of her behaviour. For her, he was no less than a pawn, just like the others, she was using to temporarily heal her wounded heart.

On realising her needs of security and love, he won her heart over. Finally to possess her completely, he married her. At least now his instinctive worries are at bay and let us hope no problems crop up and happiness blooms in their garden of true love.

Gifts Men Prefer

Aries - A huge box of ice cream, different kinds of gadgets like ipod, laser torch, etc
Taurus - Latest cellphone with innumerable benefits that go above the female brain
Gemini - Accessories for men like bracelet with stones, rings etc, anything metallic
Cancer - A wall hanging with an emotional quote
Leo - Anything in leather, like gloves, bands etc
Virgo - Branded well-fitting shirt and trousers, grooming kit
Libra - Anything that looks beautiful or is beautifully decorated, for example, a picture of both of you together in a beautiful frame
Scorpio - Anything spiritual, for example, an idol or picture of the God or Goddess he worships
Sagittarius - A play station
Capricorn - A poem written by you framed in a case of roses, watches and clocks (it will remind him of togetherness forever)
Aquarius - A collection of favourite movies with favourite actors or songs or pamper him with your smile and care

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