Let`s Get Results Not Excuses!

Let`s Get Results Not Excuses!

Author: James M. Bleech & Dr. David G. Mutchler
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122308785
Code: 9079B
Pages: 211
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Publisher: Pustak Mahal
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Excuses can be the bane of any corporate activity.Remove them and you have a company, surging and sailing ahead.

This book introduces a simple yet powerful approach to enhancing teamwork, communication, and pride in workmanship in the corporate environment.

This thought-provoking book challenges the assumptions of a committed workforce and offers proven recommendations for improving employee accountability and productivity.

Readers will discover how to rid their companies of the disease called excuse-making and many other age-old symptoms of the ailing workplace including the projection of blame, denial of responsibility, and reactive thinking.

Authors James Bleech and David Mutchler reveal the secrets to getting results, not excuses!

In this edition you will learn these valuable lessons:

*You cannot motivate groups ,only individuals

*Each person is motivated by different things

*Money itself is not a motivation for everyone

*Whatever motivates people tends to change

*Motivation takes time

About the authors:

James M.Bleech, a former CPA, is a certified professional consultant to management.

In his 25 years of private industry experience, he has served as CEO of a large multi-national construction firm and as CEO of a high-profile business in the service sector.

He is a highly sought-after public speaker and seminar leader.

David D.Mutchler is a certified professional consultant to management and a member of the National Bureau of Professional Management Consultant.

He has earned degress in Psychology, Philosophy, and Social Work.

Both authors live in Jacksonville, Florida.

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