How To Make A Great Presentation In 2 Hours

How To Make A Great Presentation In 2 Hours

Author: Frank Paolo
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122304237
Code: 5615D
Pages: 192
Price: US$ 6.00

Published: 2000
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
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An excellent guide for anyone who needs to make an exciting presentation, that brings loud applause and cheer from the audience.

Follow this step-by-step logical procedure to handle your-

*subject matter *objective *support structure *visual aids *delivering your points *opening and conclusion to make a great presentation.

This book tells you in detail how to utilise available computer tools to make your presentation interesting and lively and much more effective.

Software programme like Power Point is a great help in making the best kind of presentation.

It has in-built pages for various sort of presentations and each page has proper arrangement for graphics.

About the author:

Frank Paolo has been making great presentations for a long time. In college, he was officially ranked as the number two inter-collegiate speaker in the nation.

Shortly after graduation, he joined a large advertising and public relations agency writing speeches and coaching many business executives.

After a few years, he became the agency`s first Director of Presentation Services.

In 1981, Mr. Paolo began his own speaking consultant business.

Since that time, he has coached thousands of business executives and salespeople in his seminars and made presentations to countless others on the professional lecture circuit.

His articles on presentations have appeared in Meetings & Conventions magazine and many corporate newsletters.

Mr. Paolo`s clients include Eastman Kodak, Xerox, Young & Rubicam, Fairchild Industries, and Mobil Chemical among many others.

In the words of some of his readers:

*`Paolo`s outrageous....and very funny. When teaching presentations....he s simply the best.`
Robert Sullivan
Manager,Kodak Speaker Coaching Program

*`Best class I`ve ever taken at Delphi!`
Karen Goodwin,Engineer,Delphi Corporaton

*`Frank`s book is a lot like his seminars; provocative and funny.`
K.M.Blazer,Financial Analyst,Xerox Corporation

*`Frank`s experience and personal energy shine through in this book. Very practical and often inspiring.
J.Neil Stalter, Vice President,Corporate Communications,Campbell Soup Company

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