Herbal Beauty & Body Care

Herbal Beauty & Body Care

Author: Rashmi Sharma
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122301069
Code: 8865F
Pages: 144
Price: US$ 4.00

Publisher: Pustak Mahal
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Nature has given us a wide variety of products and these are of immense value as far as the nourishment of our body is concerned.

Though many synthetic cosmetics are available in the market,there is today a growing preference for natural and herbal products .

While the effect of cosmetics is not without harmful consequences,the herbal products are time-tested with a unique blend of several ingredients giving amazing results.

The use of these herbal products also encourages women to take up useful exercises daily to ensure proper health and attractive figure.

The author has taken every effort to guide the interested reader in creating a new awareness about health and beauty.

Some salient topics discussed in the book include:

*Skin Care

*Face, Beauty Problems

*Removing Unwanted Body Hair

*Care of your Hands, Feet, Neck & Back

*Skin Problems *Hair Care

*Beauty with Fruits & Vegetables


*Body Shaping & Health Care

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