Hello Just Married Or About To Marry?

Hello Just Married Or About To Marry?

Author: Prem P. Bhalla
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122308556
Code: 9065A
Pages: 140
Price: US$ 4.00

Published: 2003
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
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Happily married couples confirm that marriages are made in heaven. But those who are unhappily married wonder why they ever got married!

Love and marriage are topics that bewilder, befuddle, confuse and confound men and women.

Attitudes towards marriage are undergoing a sea change as Indian society moves towards a materialistic lifestyle.

This book tells you why a happy marriage is no accident. Every successful marriage requires a deliberate effort on the part of a couple to build a lasting relationship. No two people are alike. Nor are their life- situations.

The book takes you through a variety of problematic situations experienced by singles and couples.

It tells couples about to marry or those already married how to understand each other's feelings and handle their expectations.

It also guides readers on how to find personal fulfilment through marriage, while avoiding the numerous pitfalls most readers may not even be aware of.

Written in a lucid, informal and authoritative question-answer format, the book clears all your doubts and queries on a variety of love, relationship, societal, sex and marital issues.

A mandatory read for newly married couples and all those ready to take the plunge.

About the author:

Educated in Dehra Dun and New Delhi, Prem P. Bhalla enjoys photography and travelling, having travelled widely in India and abroad.

Besides running his own business, he is deeply involved with several social welfare and educational institutions. The author has also been involved with the Rotary movement for 40 years.

Mr Bhalla has written several self-improvement books and is particularly interested in the welfare of young people. The author gives group lectures on personality and career development too.

He has also authored Teens to Twenties and The Portrait of a Complete Man, as well as co-authored The Book of Etiquette and Manners, all published by Pustak Mahal.

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