Cracking Difficult Competitors

Cracking Difficult Competitors

Author: Tom Butler
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122310047
Code: 9402B
Pages: 189
Price: US$ 8.00

Published: 2008
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
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In the world of cut-throat competition today, just being and producing the best is not enough. A lot depends on the way you market your product or service and prevail over your competitors. Winning business from competitors is of key importance in the business of selling.

The title of this book, Cracking Difficult Competitors, says it all. It offers you a systematic and well-organised approach by which you can succeed against even the most difficult competitors in business. Designed for marketers, salespersons and entrepreneurs, the book will help you learn how to attract potential customers and retain the existing ones.

Tom Butler is a pure intellect! He has been personally associated with the business of selling and has delivered effective sales results for over 25 years. He understands the dedication and exceptional efforts it takes to achieve success in sales.

His books are an outcome of his own experiences and those of the extraordinary sales professionals he has worked with. Tom is currently writing a series of business skills books for students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

He is a graduate from the Stonier School and holds a degree in BBA from St Bonaventure University.

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