Body & Beauty Care

Body & Beauty Care

Author: Dr. Neena Khanna
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122300987
Code: 9922F
Pages: 110
Price: US$ 4.00

Publisher: Pustak Mahal
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A beautiful face is a letter of recommendation.

Perhaps few things can give you as much confidence as smart and good looks.

This book makes a brilliant endeavour to help beauty conscious to look good and feel confident about themselves.

It gives information on the major categories of cosmetic products with emphasis on intended uses, generalities of formulations and an update on what is new.

You will get here well-researched information on:

*Different skin types, their problems and solutions.

* The art of make-up through cosmetics.

*Causes of hair loss and getting rid of superfluous hair through electrolysis.

*Correction of facial morphology to get a balanced look.

*Nail and teeth problems and their care.

*Cosmetic surgery, face-lifts --its scope and limitations.

*How to tackle weight problems, through specific exercise regimen and effective diet control.

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