Be Your Own Beautician

Be Your Own Beautician

Author: Parvesh Handa
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122309737
Code: 9986B
Pages: 155
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Publisher: Pustak Mahal
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Those blessed with healthy skin, attractive features, youthful charm and glamorous body are fortunate. This book will tell you exactly how to make and present the best of yourself, how to look radiant from head to feet with the help of natural beauty aids and herbal ingredients. This book describes useful tips for both men and women in detail, to bring out your beauty and explains various questions to the readers:

* If you have chosen the right cosmetics to bring out your beauty?
* How to shape your face, eyes and lips to look their loveliest?
* If you know how to give your type of skin lasting attraction?
* If your hair is alluring and does your hairstyle enhance your personality?
* If you know the secrets of successful figure control?


The author of this book has the honor to write the first book on herbal beauty care published in India in 1982.  

Parvesh Handa is a famous cosmetologist. She is an internationally known figure in the field of indigenous cosmetics made with herbs and roots. She is a regular contributor to 'beauty columns' in many reputed magazines and national newspapers. She is author of about 10 books on the various women subjects including three Encyclopaedias on beauty culture and health. She was Editor of a lifestyle magazine published from New Delhi for several years and was associated with national English dailies as News/Feature Correspondent for years. She worked with reputed cosmetics manufacturing companies as their Product Development Manager and Senior Consultant for several years and is presently running her own cosmetics manufacturing unit in the country. She has to her credit the first books on herbal beauty and modelling published in India.


1. Advance Facial Techniques
Foundation of good skin * Ageing * Skin facts * How to analyse your skin before facial * How to recognise your skin * Benefits of facial treatments

2. Manicure, Pedicure and Depilation
Do's and don'ts while manicuring * Deluxe manicure * Super deluxe manicure * Oil manicure * Men's manicure * Buffing of nails * Step-by-step pedicure * Foot massage * Leg massage * Superfluous hair on the face and body * Use of chemical depilatories * How to prepare wax yourself * Procedure for applying hot and cold waxing

3. Beauty Tips
How to apply make-up * Beauty tips for your baby * Beauty tips during periods * Problems during periods * Beauty tips for the pregnant * The first three months * The second trimester * The final months * Post-natal care of your beauty * Beauty tips in 20s * Beauty tips in 30s * Beauty tips in 40s * Beauty tips in 50s * Tips to conceal blemishes * Tips to beautify a warm skin (delicate skin)* Tips to beautify a cool skin (pale skin) * Tips for five-minute quick make-up * Tips for a classic make-up * Tips for summer make-up having freckles * Tips for make-up to look younger * Aqua make-up (water-proof make-up) * How to apply aqua make-up * Camouflage cosmetic products * How to cover a tattoo * How to cover an indented scar * How to prepare for make-up
Crystal art * Be your own beautician on a holiday

4. Integumentary System of Human Body
History of the skin * How does skin protect the body * The skin can be divided into seven categories * Nerves of the skin * Basic factors to maintain balance of the skin * Hormones and skin beauty Hair * Composition of hair * Nails * Structure of nails

5. Conditions Affecting the Skin, Hair and Nail
Skin problems * Dry skin * Oily skin * Dry hair * Oily hair * Hair loss * Diseases of hair * Hair dandruff (seborrhoeic dermatitis) * Nail irregularities * Diseases of nails and feet * Corns and callouses * Athlete's foot

6. The Skin - Different Age Groups
Skin changes with age * Caring for the skin * different age groups * Age spots * Skin blemishes * Diseases of glands * Bad breath (halitosis)

7. Some Skin Afflictions and Diseases

8. Therapies for Skin Beauty
Corrective line massage treatment * Uneven-tone treatment * Pigmentation treatment * Custom-designed face masks * Skin cleansing, moisturising and toning * Cleansing creams * Moisturising creams * Nourishing creams * Toning

9. Detox : The Best Way to Get a Radiant Skin
Easy ways to give your body a beauty detox * Therapeutic value of baths * Wet packs * Mud and clay packs * Hip bath * Precautions while taking a therapeutic bath * Genital bath

10. Massage Therapy
Physiological effects of massage * Massage techniques * What is lymphatic massage * Ways to do lymphatic massage or lymphatic drainage * Motor points * Important pressure points on the face

11. Various Massage Techniques to Fight Ageing
Thai massage * Panchkarma massage * Chinese massage movement * Japanese massage system * Head massage * Effleurage * Petrissage * Vibration * Hacking or tapotement * Friction movement * Precautions while massaging the face * Some do's and don'ts in massage * How to use the massage oil * Techniques of body massage * Benefits of body massage * Massage of body organs * Lines and wrinkles under the eyes * Massage for expectant mothers * Massage after childbirth * Treating cramps by massage * Massage treatment for weight loss * Massage before and after exercising

12. Drugless Therapies to Avoid Harmful Effects
Pranayama and meditation * Padmasana (lotus posture) * Dhanurasana (bow pose) * Relaxation * Shavasana (complete relaxation posture) * Sleep and insomnia * How to relieve insomnia * Halasana (plough posture) * Sarvangasana * Juice therapy * The rejuvenating therapies * Yogic exercises for skin beauty and healthy hair * Slimming techniques * Mud therapy * Massage with aromatic oils * Aroma massage * Symptoms that appear in a female with advancing age

13. Herbs with Cosmetic Applications


Beauty tips in 30s
You will observe several changes in your body in 30s. Overall muscle strength drops. Bone mass declines at the rate of one percent a year and one becomes fragile. The ratio of bony fat to the muscle increases causing extra flab and the cholesterol continues to rise, increasing the risk of heart attack.

Proper care to nourish the body should be taken to maintain the muscle and bone density and also to keep the fat level down. Make sure that your diet is good but fat-free. It is seen that wrong eating habits lead to anaemia, hyperacidity and bowel problems. A sedentary lifestyle leads to the onset of obesity, back and joint problems, hypertension, low backache, spondylitis, respiratory problems, diabetes, varicose veins and even heart diseases. The following eating habits are suggested:

* Eat until you are 80% satisfied.
* Eat fresh food: either steamed, stir-fried or poached.
* If you are non-vegetarian, eat lots of fish and small quantities of meat occasionally.
* Avoid alcohol. It is observed that the consumption of alcohol by the female sex leads to breast cancer and other fatal diseases.
* Drink a lot of water, at least six to eight glasses of water a day.
* Don't forget your daily calcium consumption prescribed, i.e., 1200 mgs. per day. Calcium is important to help ward off osteoporosis. Consume low fat dairy products and leafy green vegetables to supplement the calcium demand of the body.
* Choose whole-wheat chapatis, bread, cereals and unpolished rice.
* Opt for low-fat milk, yoghurt, cheese and paneer.
* At this age fats, oils, sugar, desserts and pastries are dangerous.
* Decrease the consumption of salt in your diet.
* Avoid eating too much of red meat, milk, eggs, fried foods and sweets.
* Increase the intake of whole grain cereals, legumes, sprouts and buttermilk.
* Have a regular exercise plan - be it a walk, a musical dancing, swimming, exercise bike, treadmill, brisk walking, Yoga or aerobics.

Fine lines begin to develop around your eyes and mouth. Skin pores increase in size and the hair begins to lose volume. Start using an eye cream to hide the fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. Use moisturiser with an SPF factor and condition your hair.

Beauty tips in 40s
Human body is like a machine, if you leave it out it starts rusting. Obesity is common at this age, especially among those who had neglected their body in 30s. Height reduction begins at 40s as your skeletal structure starts to weaken, the muscles, ligaments and tendons tend to lose flexibility, extra weight on the bottom and thighs looks irritating as a part of the ageing process. Oil production continues to decrease, wrinkles and spots become more obvious as collagen levels decrease and the skin starts losing its elasticity. The skin appears dull and less smooth due to the dead skin build up, furrow and expression lines deepen. Grey hairs increase, white blood cells become a common problem in the body and sexual dysfunction sets in after the age of 40.

Thyroid and eyesight, diabetes and hypertension, breasts losing their firmness, wrinkles and stretch marks on the face are common disorders in 40s. Estrogen levels begin to drop, making it easier for fat to accumulate around the stomach and waist when the skeletal structure starts weakening. Menopause itself brings along various problems. The female hormone or estrogen is manufactured in the body as long as the monthly cycle continues. It helps in maintaining strong bones and keeps the skin supple.

To maintain the strength of the bones, a regular stretching exercise routine and intake of calcium is essential in 40s. They help fight the ageing process by building the bone mass. Aerobic exercises keep fat at bay and the muscles intact. To keep the skin and hair healthy, use a nourishing cream, non-clogging moisturiser and hair conditioner.

Beauty tips in 50s
Lot of changes develop among women in 50s. After menopause, the bone mass in the body further drops, weight piles up, skin becomes dry and itchy, double chin appears, neck gets looser and less elastic, pores become smaller, wrinkles become more obvious, brown spots and scaly patches develop on the face, neck and the body.

Continue with a good cleansing and moisturising routine. Wrong eating habits and lack of exercise harm the body. A light exercise and regular practice of Yoga are good ways to remain fit and healthy.

Tips to conceal blemishes
Concealers are a fast and effective way to disguise blemishes, so that your skin looks perfect. Apply concealers after applying foundation and this is the best technique to conceal blemishes. They are applied only to specific areas and would be disturbed if the foundation is applied over the top. Concealers are of several types such as stick, cream and liquid.

* Stick Concealers: These are easy to apply and you can simply stroke them straight on the skin.
* Cream Concealers: These usually come in a tube and are applied with a sponge-tipped applicator and give a very natural finish effect. However, the coverage is not as thick as in case of a stick type.
* Liquid Concealers: These come in a tube. Just squeeze a tiny amount of product onto your finger and smooth over the affected area. This is a cream-to-powder formulation which sticks on like a cream and dries to a velvety powder finish.

When choosing a concealer, look for the colour nearest to your own skin tone rather than a lighter one. Covering the problem area with a paler shade will accentuate it.

If you have spots and blemishes
Use a medicated stick concealer as it contains ingredients to deal with pimples or blemishes as well as cover it. Apply the concealer on the acne or the pimple or the blemish, and then smooth away the edges with a clean cotton bud.

In case of under-eye shadows
Hide under-eye shadows with a few drops of concealer. Apply the concealer directly onto the clean skin, then apply powder or an all-in-one foundation on the top. Use your ring finger to blend, not to drag at the delicate skin.

Tips to beautify a warm skin (delicate skin)
Opt for tawny neutral shades of make-up applied with a light touch to enhance your basic colouring. A warm skin comprises a dark blonde hair, brown, blue, hazel or green eyes and a warm skin tone.

* After applying a light, tinted moisturiser, stroke the concealer onto problem areas. Apply the concealer with a cotton bud in case of thread veins or spots on the skin.
* Dip a powder puff into the loose powder and lightly apply on the face. This will absorb the excess oil and leave your skin beautifully matt. Dust off the excess powder.
* Sweep peach eyeshadow over your entire eyelid and then blend with your natural skin tone.
* Use an eyeshadow brush to work a small amount of soft brown eyeshadow into the crease of your eyelids, sweeping it out towards the outer corners of your eyes. Work a little underneath your lower lashes too. Finish with two coats of brown or black mascara.
* Apply a light shade of lipstick.
* Apply blusher covering your cheeks, forehead and chin.

Tips to beautify a cool skin (pale skin)
Pale-skinned women look fabulous with strong, cool shades of cosmetics. This look suits you if you have a medium to dark brown hair, you have a cool (China Doll) skin tone and your eyes are brown, blue, grey or green.

* Apply a foundation or tinted moisturiser. Blend in a few dots of blusher. Dust with loose powder.
* Smudge a cool ivory shadow over your eyelids, right up to your eyebrows. Blend it with a cotton swab. Use an eyeshadow on your eyelids to emphasise the colour of your eyes.
* Now move on to your eyelashes and apply two thin coats of black mascara.
* Slick your eyebrows into place with an eyebrow brush.
* Choose a clear shade of berry lipstick.

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