77 Lessions To Remain Ever Positive

A voyage to freedom and happiness
77 Lessions To Remain Ever Positive
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Author: Er. M. K. Gupta
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122309294
Code: 9096B
Pages: 200
Price: Rs. 150.00

Published: 2006
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
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In this book, the author takes you on a journey towards freedom and happiness.

According to him, freedom is the very fragrance of life - and freedom and happiness are intimately linked.

However, the author makes a clear distinction between real freedom and the so-called casual freedom of doing anything as per one’s whims and fancies.

In real freedom, one remains a master while in casual or apparent freedom, you are actually a slave ,to your desires, though outwardly, you may appear wearing the mask of freedom.

Like the author’s earlier book, How to Remain Ever Happy, this book, too, is divided into small chapters, with eye-catching illustrations to avoid monotony while reading.

Further, you can start reading the book from anywhere as every chapter is independent and complete in itself.

This book has a vibe and style of its own which makes it completely different from the other books of this category.

About the author:

Er. M.K. Gupta is the author of dozens of books on self-improvement and health-care.

His two best sellers, How to Remain Ever Happy and How to Control Mind and be Stress-free ,have got international recognition.

What makes him endearing to his readers is his ability to connect with them.

Though an engineer by profession, Mr. Gupta has delved deep to understand the basic truths, and realities of life, and has come out with some important messages and conclusions for the layman.

Explaining the complicated philosophy of life in a simple language makes him unique among the other writers.


What is Real Freedom?
1. Freedom from the Past
2. Freedom from the Future
3. Freedom from Doership Attitude
4. Freedom from Superiority and Inferiority Complex
5. Freedom from Ownership Attitude
6. Freedom from Blind Faith and Conditioning
7. Freedom from Imitation
8. Freedom from Attachment to Physical Pleasures and Comforts
9. Freedom from Impulse and Reaction
10. Freedom from Doubt and Mistrust
11. Freedom from Making Judgements
12. Freedom from the Fear of Death
13. Freedom from Revenge
14. Freedom from Attachment to the Body
15. Freedom from Hurry
16. Freedom from Obsession with Gurus
17. Freedom from Obsession with Religious Scriptures
18. Freedom from Expectations
19. Freedom from Religion, Caste, Creed and Nationality
20. Freedom from Boredom and Loneliness
21. Freedom from Greed
22. Freedom from Trying to Change Others
23. Freedom from Complaints, Criticisms and Blames
24. Freedom from Pity
25. Freedom from Bad Luck or Adverse Destiny
26. Freedom from Trying to Please and Satisfy Others
27. Freedom from Dependency
28. Freedom from Attachment in Relationships
29. Freedom from Unreasonable Desires
30. Freedom from Negative Emotions
31. Freedom from Strain of Perfectionism
32. Freedom from Hypocrisy
33. Freedom from Suppression
34. Freedom from Longing for Name, Fame and Power
35. Freedom from Possessiveness of Human Beings
36. Freedom from Over-occupation
37. Freedom from Over-involvement in Worldly Affairs
38. Freedom from Attention on Others
39. Freedom from Self Centredness
40. Freedom from Jealousy
41. Freedom from Over-accumulation of Material Knowledge & Information
42. Freedom from Craving for Other’s Attention
43. Freedom from the Results of Actions
44. Freedom from Addictions and Intoxications
45. Freedom from Dishonesty, Cheating and Untruthfulness
46. Freedom from Guilt
47. Freedom from Group or Crowd
48. Freedom from Extremes
49. Freedom from Rejections and Disapprovals by Others
50. Freedom from Overthinking
51. Freedom from Overtalking
52. Freedom from Unplanned, Unsystematic Working
53. Freedom from Negative Thoughts
54. Freedom from Aimless Action
55. Freedom from the Attitude of Resistance
56. Freedom from Panic
57. Freedom from False Prayers
58. Freedom from Duality of the World
59. Freedom from Haphazard and Random Thinking
60. Freedom from Insecurity and Fear
61. Freedom from Competition and Race
62. Freedom from Ego Based Pleasures
63. Freedom from Siddhis and Occult Powers
64. Freedom from Junk Foods
65. Freedom from Overmedication
66. Freedom from Artificial Lifestyle
67. Freedom from Pessimism, Hopelessness and Depression
68. Freedom from Wrong Postures and Gestures
69. Freedom from Harshness in Speech
70. Freedom from Pride and Arrogance
71. Freedom from Nervousness
72. Freedom from Timidity
73. Freedom from Negative Environment
74. Freedom from Prejudice and Bias
75. Freedom from Ficklemindedness and Indecision
76. Freedom from Over-accumulation of Material Things
77. Freedom from Intolerance & Impatience
Positive and Negative Qualities/Emotions at a glance
Few Quotes on Freedom
Freedom from the Past
One of the reasons due to which we lose much of the joy in our life is that most of the time, we remain in the past. We float in the past on three accounts:
Most of the people remain immersed in the memories of the past and miss the present.

1. We constantly dream of whatever good and pleasant has occurred to us in the past and remain immersed in those memories and scenes and wish the same to be repeated in future in the same form or in a more exciting form. So you can see that the future is nothing but the projection of our past.

2. Whatever bad or unpleasant has happened to us in the past, constantly trouble us and we keep asking ourselves as to why it happened to me or why was I so unlucky? You also feel shuddered to imagine those incidents which were heart-rending/shocking and tragic.

3. If something wrong or undesirable has been done by you in the past due to your fault or negligence the past (whether from social, legal or moral consideration), it constantly moves with you like a sword hanging above your head in the form of guilt. [More about ‘Guilt’ in chapter 46.]

Now think whether any of the above serves some purpose or it simply spoils the joy of our present also. The point no.1 mentioned above simply makes you more and more excited because you want to repeat those pleasures of the past but life never repeats itself. Repetition is not the law of the universe. Here every moment comes as a fresh package. The point no.2 mentioned above makes you simply depressed by thinking about the bad things which happened to you and the third point keeps you in a state of guilt.
From spiritual perspective, we should continuously die to the past whether good or bad and be reborn in the present. After dealing with a moment fully and wholeheartedly, we should be able to let it go and welcome the next moment. No clinging should remain with the moment which is passing away. Swami Vivekananda always used to emphasise that concentration and detachment should be practised simultaneously. This is actually the key of spirituality, i.e., concentration on the present moment and detachment from the past moment. Of course, consciously recalling some information of the past from your memory for making its use in the present is a different thing and this shouldn’t be confused with what we are talking about.
Please remember that spiritually, the only use of the past is to learn various lessons which various situations and events have presented before you. The actual events are not that important. Regarding your attachment to the pleasures of the past, please note that God has designed this life and this world in such a manner that pleasures and joys are not concentrated in a particular time and in a particular place. They are scattered across all times and all spaces. So instead of clinging on to the old pleasures of the past, enjoy the fresh and new pleasures of the present, otherwise in the attempt to hold on to the past, you will continuously miss the joys and pleasures of the present and therefore, will not be able to live your life to the fullest.

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